More camera OSC and controls please

Hello, I think it is necessary to add more options to the camera 1 Basic mode 2 Pro mode with more options and add more controls and be able to control the camera through OSC, as a developer it would be very useful. The purpose is to have more freedom to control and have options to create content


+1 on this

I would like to be able to manipulate the camera remotely via OSC
we would only require the tie-ins on vrchat side, everything else i could do with TouchOSC and the llikes.

Major options i would like to see : select which camera Pin (1-2-3) (INDEX), control coordinates (AXIS), control zoom level (FLOAT), control the different Masks (BOOL), etc…

it would be awesome for both streamers and content creators (artists) to be able to control the camera with hardware, which in turn; let’s us assign it to different software/hardware solutions

in my case, i would like to control my stream camera while DJing live, without having to interact with the in-game camera.

i can program the touch-osc and midi implementations on my end, but we would need to have the OSC tie-ins exposed and documented

something like this:

Select Pin : /vrchat/streamcamera/pin = [1,2,3] (Type = INDEX)
Select Coordinates : /vrchat/streamcamera/coordinates = [X,Y,Z] (Type = Vector3 or XY + Z)
Select Zoom : /vrchat/streamcamera/zoom = [0-1] (Type = FLOAT)
Select Mask : /vrchat/streamcamera/masl = ??? ( Type = INDEX/CONSTANT)

these are examples, but if we can have every parameters of the stream camera exposed and usable by OSC, while having access to the list of parameters and their type, it would open a HUGE door for all kind of creative use (like, i would love to control the position of the camera with my X360 controller, and control the different parameters with my midi controller; hooked into TouchOSC)

hope to see news about this, because this could be a game changer and let us mimic professionnal camera system IRL (PTZ) within vrchat, making our humble production one step closer to what is being done IRL

Forums are great for discussion. I haven’t checked Canny on this, is there a feature request for this posted there? If you do make a post there Please link it here so I can give it a vote

I don’t know where I can submit a feature request.
I would like to create it, I liked making an interactive function to control inputs and chats through osc, it is quite simple and very useful, so I would like there to be more functions.

This is the feedback board. It’s powered by Canny, so it sometimes is referred to as Canny.