Update idea for camera!

Hello you probably get messages like this a lot! I’m genuinly curious if there would ever be an update in the future- A way to place markers down and be able to send the camera down a line going to each one like the old camera mods would do! (A way to pre set the motion and pressing play on it so it repeats that way others like me could act and dance without stick drift messing the view up) me and 100s of others are missing it! Im mainly Adding This out of curiousity and Hope if that will ever be a thing! The drone camera is amazing! But having a way to place down markers and send the camera long them to create the movement without having to hold the buttons the whole time is truly desired by so many! Thank you!

I can see this being super useful after talking to a few people who make video content for VR Chat, though the best spot to ask is probably on their feedback Canny board:

There are some workarounds you can do with avatar cameras, but that’s a lot of setup. Also having a 2nd person act as the cameraman isn’t ideal.

Yes I use vrc lens and have tested many different cameras on Avis thank you for the link tho I’ll check it out!


Just linking the feedback post that I saw. These forums are easier to search than Canny