Minors in Vrchat

The presence of minors in Vrchat makes me very uncomfortable.

Sometimes its hard to tell when someone is a minor, or even know when a minor mute is listening in or participating in social interactions that would be unacceptable in the presence of a minor. Vrchat public lobbies often have adult themed content.

I think that Minors having a Tag above their name to represent their status would be a good idea. Adding something like that to Vrchat would help the Player base be able to make preventative action such as blocking or switching worlds easier if they wanted.

To help reinforce this, Vrchat staff could add ability to report someone as a minor and would allow game moderators to investigate and tag someone as a minor if needed.

Minor status would be determined upon account creation. Vrchat TOS would support this and protect both Vrchat and existing players if a user were to lie on account creation.

Yes, minors/children are supposed to be monitored by adults, but how is a parent going to know whats going on in the headset of a standalone oculus quest? I think seriously addressing this issue would be a great step towards making Vrchat a more safe and comfortable experience for everyone…



It seems you’re new here, but, this part of the vrchat website is for players like you and me to ask questions and help one another.

From what I can see, is that you’re suggesting a new feature instead. Which you should be doing here:

You might find more luck putting your suggestion there.


Ah, thank you :slight_smile: