"MaterialPropertyBlock is used to modify these values", help

I was trying to make an avi quest compatible when I noticed this while changing the shaders. I could delete the component without any issues, but I’d like to keep it if there is a way to get by this “Material Property Block”. I’ve tried looking it up on google, but I’m not finding anything about how to disable it or using some command to change the shader with it enabled (I don’t have too much experience with unity)

Can you make another material and assign that?

The material there where you cannot change the shader might be generated from the fbx and is therefore not editable.

I could, but that would require me to just about remake everything that it’s connected to as I’d have to fully delete the old particle material and swap it with the new one. I don’t have enough experience with unity to know how to do any of that. I could try to move everything before deleting the old one, but I can imagine that I’d still have to reconfigure a lot because the last material would be deleted

In the assets, by default there is an option to get a view of all materials in a project. When you have a material selected it will tell you where it’s from at the bottom.

“View all materials”

My suspicion is that the particular material in question is from an fbx, and it’s therefore not possible to edit or delete.