Unknown materials appear on the control panel list for quest but dont show where they are

Im trying to make my avatar quest compatible, it was almost finished but there were 4 materials that the controll panel kept showing and keeping me from publishing, i have looked through ALL asset folders and files but i cant find them. and the controll panel doesnt show the directory that they are in and pressing select doesnt do anything.
Screenshot 2024-03-08 152417

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I’m not sure i can help you figure it out, but i agree it would be simpler if you could select the objects in cause.

I see a mention of Dismay/GUI , maybe you have a tool in your avatar that isn’t compatible with quest. Do you use any tool or specific asset that you can mention ?

i mostly have sps, lms, and ext, they are deactivated because ofc they are not compatible with quest. but vrchat should automaticaly detect and remove it, we shouldnt need to manualy do it, or give the directory. contact me in discord so we can speak further. “softiemommatogen_5219”

I can’t do that, that’s why we have this forum.
Maybe check if you have particule systems on your avatar, as it contains materials, and by so shaders that you may have forgot to disable

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well then thats fine, i dont think there is any particles on the avatar im working on, i got lucky and managed to find the ones messing it up, im missing one thats a Unlit/color one, im looking for it rn

at this point its best if i delete anything related to lms, sps, ect. sucks but its whatever i gotta do.