Avatar not letting me add or see components in editor?

Hello! Ive been messing with a model of V1, ripped from the game ULTRAKILL, in order to learn some of the VRC SDK and make my own little avatar. Ive been doing okay(?) until I ran into a major roadblock where the inspector never shows me a part’s components nor does it let me see the add component button. All it does is show me an option to “configure avatar,” which takes me to the menu where you configure bones. This prevents me from adding anything like physbones or even an avatar descriptor. This happens regardless of what ever part or bone of the model I have selected in the hierarchy.

I do have a decent hunch that the setup is a bit scuffed or not the best for an avatar, but here is a screencap of my UI:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :3

Honestly that looks like you clicked on something in the hierarchy, then clicked on a file down below, so the inspector is showing details from something down below.

Click on the item in the hierarchy again?

Ive been clicking on the items in the hierarchy. Anyways I did find a fix after getting your reply and reopening the project. The inspector was locked for some reason. I just decided to “unlock” it when fiddling around with buttons to see what works, and now it properly shows the components. l appreciate your help :3

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