Loading Music + No connection game

(Loading music)
Sometimes it can last a long time and sometimes not so much depending on your computer. But we all hear the VRC Music as we Load from one world to another. My suggestion is to have different music play at random. Maybe sometimes you hear the default music and sometimes something different.

Why not enjoy a fun little tune as you wait for the world to load. Maybe do a little dance. =P

(No connection game)
Oh no the severs are down and your stuck at the loading screen.
Why not play a game? Maybe pong or snake or the dinosaur jump game =P
Now you might be asking “Why would we need this?” and to that I say . . . Fun?
Idk, it was just an idea I had lol.

Well now you can preload worlds, so if you spend that much time in loading worlds, maybe use that feature. Usually i don’t stay much more than a few seconds in a world load.

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Personally I’d like to disable the music, and then just listen to my own music

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