Load MP3 in a player like videos

Hi all, is it possible to load music clips, preferably mp3s, like images after startup of the instance? I want the users to listen to a random music track and they have to guess which song it is. Currently I have to load all audio clips regardless if they selected or not and this makes my world unnecessary large.

You can play mp3 from video player, but it won’t be as reliable as having the recordings in world. Might not play at correct time, because of latency with the playback. It might work mostly fine but I think if you do go that route, you should offer a “classic” version with built in clips.

Also with unity you might be able to get more compression by using different codecs. Mp3 is probably the oldest option available, so it might be worth the trouble to try something else.

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Any competent video player prefab should handle sync to within a second or two without any problems. I will note that you need to use the AVPro player backend for MP3.

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Thank you so much this is very helpful!
I also considered the video player but I don’t want to show the screen or the controls. In fact the audio clip should only be heard by one player using a grabable headphone.

As was mentioned you’ll need to use the video player. Simply do not show the screen or controls. That this is unique to a player makes it even easier as you don’t have issues of sync’ing to deal with.

The only thing built into the world would likely be the URL list which can contain the video link of course but also any other info you want to display like the title, musician, etc.

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