Crashing when loading videos on screens

hey guys, my friend is having an issue. Whenever he or I try to play a video on a screen in any world his game crashes, he s on desktop btw no vr. Anybody got any ideas why?

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That is an odd one…

Assuming that not all the worlds you are visiting are using the same video streaming prefabs, are you using the same video link for all your attempts? Or have you tried other clips as well?

If there is someone else in the world with him, do they get booted too, or is it just him?
The reason I ask is to verify that it’s the client that’s crashing and not the world.

I suppose though that if it were the world crashing, it would either try to reload or boot you to your home… :thinking:

We tried multiple video links on multiple platforms (youtube, vimeo etc) and he only crashed if either one of us presses the load button. If a video is playing already his game will blackscreen on joining the world. World itself never crashes tho. And he never got a reload nor did it boot him home, blackscreen and after 2 min max vrc crashes. Hope I answered all the questions, thank you !

What kind of avatars are you using in these worlds? My thinking here is that maybe if it’s a really heavy avatar, that maybe having a video stream is just taking the last bit of GPU resources or something.

Or maybe it’s something outside of VRC - like a firewall or something that sees those link as malicious and blocks them… but then crashes the app (VRC) trying to run them?

That’s definitely a strange one but it really sounds like something locally on his end that is causing the issue.

I’m assuming that he can run those links outside of VRC - like in a regular browser. He might have to do some digging on this one to find what’s going on. I wish I had an ‘Oh yeah, do this!’ solution, but I’m coming up blank here.

Recently bit defender advanced was getting in the way of playing videos. But the other sources of bother for video that I’ve seen are AMD and Linux.

I guess video is hard.

Do you have Bitdefender installed?

We’ve been informed that users of Bitdefender may experience crashes with video players. Here’s an announcement we published recently:

Hey all! Quick update from User Support: we’ve become aware of an issue where some users using Bitdefender on their computers are experiencing unexpected crashing issues when using a video player or unusual connection issues (which can usually result in a variety of problems).

If you’re experiencing this exact situation, you may want to consider contacting Bitdefender’s Support Team directly at to provide details that could aid them in identifying the root cause.

Guys thank you all for the help. It was bitdefender advanced apparently. Thank you so so much, lots of love to all of you !!!

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