Launchpad/menu Loading and Display issues

I keep running into a (relatively minor) error where, if I click to open the launch pad then expand the menu in the Social tab so I can see Group Activity, the list that should be showing the group activities on the left side starts erroring. It appears to be quickly jittering while scrolling up and down and I often have to wait and spend up to a few minutes of opening and closing the menu until the Group Activity tab will start working correctly again. All of the other tabs to the left in Social appear to be working correctly.

I also keep having an issue where I have to open my menu and close it several times before friend’s locations and the number of users in a world updates to reflect what is actually going on.

For context, I do have a lot of groups and a lot of friends in VRC so this issue may be related to a lot of content having to load at once or my PC being under high use.

I also have quite the audio latency says my friends so this may be a feature of my latency.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about my setup.