Issues with VR version of VRChat


I’m experiencing issues with the initialization process of loading big worlds (for instance, Terrors Of Nowhere, Bus To Nowhere, Organism, etc.) and I’m at my wits end. Anytime I play VRChat with my VR headset (Oculus Quest 2) through cable link and I try to initialize a huge world as mentioned previously, I get caught in this endless loop of initializing worlds.

For example; I tried loading ToN while having my headset hooked up and SteamVR functional, but instead of ‘Initializing World…’ changing to ‘Connecting…’, it cuts to a black screen and I have to wait for a moment while VRChat stops responding and once I load back into the initializing process of joining my homeworld, it boots me out back to the default homeworld (again, stuck in the initializing process) and it’s a loop of going back and forth.

I clean out my cache regularly, I try to clear the AppData cache (but I can’t find it for starters), I even tinkered with the network connections (disabled IPv6) and yet nothing. I can only access the worlds I want to go to through Desktop play only.

Has anyone else had this issue? It only started happening after the Preloading Worlds update and I can’t keep going in circles. Any advice and help is much appreciated.