Integrating FMOD with VRChat in Unity: Seeking Advice and Experiences

I’m currently working on a VRChat world in Unity and I’m looking to enhance the audio capabilities of my project. I’ve been using FMOD for its advanced audio features and I’m interested in integrating it with VRChat’s VRC_SpatialAudioSource system.

However, I’ve encountered some challenges. FMOD, when integrated into a Unity project, tends to disable Unity’s default audio system for performance reasons. Since VRC_SpatialAudioSource is built on top of Unity’s audio system, disabling it might cause VRC_SpatialAudioSource to not function correctly.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone in the community has experience with this kind of setup or has successfully integrated FMOD (or any other advanced audio tools) with VRChat in Unity. Any advice, experiences, or resources would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences. Thank you in advance!

FMOD is an entire engine for managing audio, that is implemented at the game client level with baked audio banks. You won’t be able to use it in a world.

If you want to do anything interesting with audio in your world, you’re going to have to build it manually in udon, unless a prefab for it exists.

thanks for your response.
but what about any audio toolsets ? wwise sdk , google reasonance or steam spatial audio ? anything ? do i have to build the tools completely manual ?

Steam audio will come when the vrc team gets their butts in gear on it - cuz source code is out.

For now you have to do manual, or make use of the extremely limited and not very good oculus spatializer that the “VRC Spatial Audio” in the sdk is based on.