Any news on Steam Audio?

The inclusion of Steam Audio was announced quite some time ago. Any news on that? What’s holding it back? Is there anything any humble community members such as myself can do to help?
I really anticipate this, I love how much immersion and atmosphere can be added by the sort of reverb and such that Steam Audio can do. Been waiting for this for many years in games; Aureal’s sound cards could already do a version of this (A3D) back in the late 90s and it’s great there’s finally something software based tech that can catch up with that again, I love it

There’s lots of systems that can do fancy spatial audio, they’re just not generally things you can just get and slap in your game. Personally i’ve just grown to despise the current (iirc oculus) spatial audio, because it damages the acoustic profile of sounds too much, especially if they have a lot of dynamic range.

I think the hold-back has been on valve’s end. It’s still in beta.