Instance Open 24/7 ? Open 24/7?

Hello, I have a question. I’m in the process of forming a group and I’m wondering how to keep our instance open 24 hours a day, like for example the ABC group instance.
Thank you for your help

I would say it’s probably not a good idea as if no one joins the instance it consumes ressources for nothing, not great for our planet, but from what i know, people use sometimes dummy accounts that are always online in the world to keep it up.

But there is nothing that i know of that allows you to do that officially within vrchat.

I doubt that there is an energy consumption concern… the question (I think) is why? Group instance of what? Any member of a group can (typically) start any instance of any world as a group instance. There isn’t a one world per group thing.

I believe it depends on group permissions. Can’t you lock the group instance to some specific users as well ? That allows instances of the group to be moderated only by the group member i guess. And that would explain why having a 24/7 instance.

But the same way doing that makes it that if it runs 24/7, you need a roll of people from around the world to do moderation. Not the best.

If instantiation can be limited to a single person (which seems likely) that might explain why the OP was hoping that the world could persist. On the other hand if there is nobody in the world who would be the owner?

VRC Internet connectivity has periodic drops and far more often connectivity is lost for single members, headset batteries die, etc.

I don’t know what effect the OP is hoping to achieve but it seems unlikely that a single world instance could exist 24/7.

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One feature I’ve seen requested here and there is shared home worlds. Maybe they’re thinking in that direction? Always have an instance that people can meet up in?

I mean you can alwaysbsetup your home world instance to be friends or friends +, that’s close to it I guess.