Trouble making Group named instances

I have been racking my brain trying to sort out why one week i can make a named Group Public instance with no issue, and the next, all i get is the error saying “Cant teleport there”. There are no other instances being run by the group at the time, let alone one using the same name. Do closed instances still technically sit there unlisted for a time after everyone has left and that is blocking me, or is there something else i am missing?

When you say instance name, do you mean replacing the instance Number with an arbitrary string?

This most recent patch reintroduced the # symbol in front of instance numbers. You may have been mislead by it being missing.

To make arbitrary instance numbers, you use to have to generate a link that had those numbers in place. I’m not sure how/if that is easy these days.

Yes im talking about putting a set name instead of the instance numbers. Im using the URL link to create a named instance and it will work ONCE. closing the instance and having nobody left in it does not let it clear, and it takes a few weeks before it will let me create the same named instance again. If i try before that, it will teleport me to my home world with “cant teleport there”.

Been trying to name our group instances so its easier for new people to be able to find us.

Ah, I see. That is not surprising to me. I would not expect them to address this limitation because this is not an official use case. Those numbers are generated randomly when created “officially” and collisions are either very rare or handled. It just happens to turn out that this field is handled by a string instead of an int or number.

My advice would be to add a number or letter and to just cycle through those.

I would recommend not advocating for this to be “fixed.” It would be better to advocate for instance “titles” or “labels” to be implemented instead.

In the dev update where they talked about changing instance creation, I think they mentioned that instances stick around for a year. I think it was the may 2nd dev update, not this week’s