Idea for improving efficiency of vr games

Something I’ve noticed when using VRchat is the large amount of space needed to download worlds sometimes. Finding a way to reduce download size would be helpful for speed-of-downloading a new world and reducing storage. The idea I had is that there could be an open source collection of digital assets like materials/textures and models. Worldbuilders could optionally use these common assets. Then, when you went to a new world, you’d only need to download the world’s unique textures, the common one’s would just be loaded from the pre-cached asset collection.
If there was a coalition of non-big-company VR games trying to find a way to work together, having the open source texture/model collection could be even more useful.
There could be a low/medium/high quality version of the asset pack and users could download the appropriate one for their platform. So if you had a Quest and had the low quality asset pack, worlds would be less laggy, but then if you hooked up to your desktop where you had the high quality asset pack downloaded, then suddenly everything would look fancier.
Having the common resource between games would make it easier for indie games to get started, since they’d have basic resources to utilize, and also make it easier to have more games downloaded since they’d need less storage space each.