Possibility of a generic props system?

People are always upset about overly large worlds and Avatars, many of which they don’t use but have to pay for.

However, this is partly a result of flexibility or trying to be more versatile in the face of more.

There have been official studies of similar systems in the past that have failed, has there been a reboot of the architecture?

If so, we can relatively successfully achieve a fragmented structure, and through the API to organize the hierarchical structure, so that the clothes and other things are separated from the Avatar and loaded on demand, to truly realize the effective use of limited bandwidth and enhance the overall player experience.
For the world can also be easier to reduce the burden of some of the large exchange world reuse assets, which will reduce many people disk space reoccupation, improve the hit rate and save the cost of servers.
It would also stop excessive CPU overhead in some cases, and really allow people to go for a more discrete architecture rather than the desired result of everything, although this can be solved by switching, but people have a limited number of locations where avatars can be stored, and repeated switching can be even more wasteful in some cases, which is the problem with the Combinatorial explosion.
I hope we can realize this kind of structure in SDK 4.0, not just world and avatar but also prop, so coordinated. (Though the prop may still need to be separated into world and avatar).