Help please!

hi! so I got the quest 2 yesterday. and I have a Mac. is there ANY way to do steam vr games (vrchat) without getting a WHOLE new PC? my Mac has the right CPU just not the right Gpu. could I still play steam vr games or do I need the right gpu

To answer your questions in order:
VRChat doesn’t have native Mac support, meaning that well, no, it won’t really run on your mac.
This isn’t VRChat’s fault, but rather NVidia and Steam dropping support for VR on Macos (due to various reasons)

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible though.
But your only option if you want to keep your macbook is getting an eGPU and installing windows on your mac.

Which leads into the 2nd answer. Yeah, VR requires a lot of GPU computing power, and well the mac’s built in GPU just isn’t up to the task. Not having the right GPU will lead to motion sickness at best. And a really bad time at worst.

So, unless you want to play pc games on your quest
(which you’ll need a link cable for as well by the way)
you’ll be locked to the quest store (which I’ll admit has some great games as well)

If you however want to go the link cable route, you’ll either need a new system with a right GPU
(GTX 1070 minimum or better) or use an eGPU with a 1070 or better and put windows on your macbook.

thx for ur response! I tried using just a normal usbc cable instead of a Link and that worked as well. also in terms of the gpu, if I get the Razer core x box and maybe a cheap Nvidia gpu how much would that be?

in terms of GPU, a 1070 or above is recommended.

As for rough pricing, using euros and BENELUX pricing:
Razer Core X: ~280€
GPU: ~370€ to 680€

Though these are first hand prices, second hand is a lot cheaper with a 1070 being about
200€ second hand with the core x being about the same price.