Trouble Launching The Game On an M1 MacBook Pro

I recently made this account because I wanted to play with my friends or at least make new friends. At the veery least give the game a try. Now When I’m this close, I can’t access the game via Steam due to the fact that it is an M1 MacBook and not an Intel Processor in my computer. I’ve been doing all that I can. And before anyone says to use an oculus or get Parallels, I’m a college student struggling with getting money because I know I’ll be in major loan debt by the time I graduate. My question being what is the cheapest way I can play without going through the previous ideas I already tried? I’m extremely tired and I feel a headache coming on as I write this HELP!

Due to easy anti cheat I suspect parallels is not an option. Maybe we’ll see native m1 support, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. A Oculus quest 2 would be cheaper than a PC unless you somehow get a really good deal.

Mainly writing to confirm to you that you’ve seen all of the options.

Well, a gaming streaming thing would be a monthly cost… Okay now every possible option has been considered

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I have. From what I hear, PC is better than oculus. I unfortunately just need to wait it out.