Got crashed and can't play anymore

Hello. I started playing VRChat last week and on my second day i got crashed by some russian guy. Then i didn’t play it until yesterday, but it doesn’t want to work anymore. Everything loads very slowly and in most cases it hangs after login or an error occurs in the login. Sometimes i get into my home where i can walk around and change my Avatar, but as soon as i try to go to another world, it definitely hangs again. I tried deleting the Cache and reinstalling, even on another Windows installation, but nothing changed.
Then i tried using a VPN and magically it started working properly again, like if my IP Adress would be blocked or something like that (I still have the same IP and it doesn’t change when i restart the router). But i can’t play like that. I only have a free VPN with limited Capacity and don’t use it much so i won’t buy a subscription, and also it increases the latency even more.

Thanks for your responses