"git packages detected"

I’m trying to upgrade an old project, but when I click “manage project”, the window just says

Git Packages Detected

This project is using Git packages, which have been phased out as of today. Please migrate your project to use the new VCC package management.

Do not migrate

How do I “migrate your project to use the new VCC package management”?

If I try to upgrade the Unity version first, it fails immediately, and the log says

[ERR] Cannot upgrade project type WorldGit to new Project. Migrate to VPM first

with again no explanation of how to do that

Putting this here because not everyone is using the discord.

I ran into this issue today as well while trying to update my vrc world after some time not being around in the vrc scene.

The way I managed to solve this was;

  • Open the project in the unity version it was made in
  • Open the unity Package Manager and remove any and all VRChat package (Window → Package Manager → Packages: In Project in the drop-down next to the + icon in the top left)
  • Close unity
  • Open the project folder and go into the Packages folder and then open manifest.json with a text editor
  • Remove any line that contains “vrchat”, e.g. com.vrchat.worlds
  • Remove any com.vrchat folders in the packages folder
  • Go back to the main directory and enter ProjectSettings\Packages and remove the com.vrchat folders there.
  • Open the project with unity again and let it load up completely
  • After its done loading, close it, and refresh VRC Companion
  • After that, companion should allow you to manage the VCC packages, install the required VRChat SDK packages
  • After installing the packages you were originally using, go ahead and migrate to the new unity version.
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