Future of (Final)IK

I noticed a huge lag of information around Final IK (FIK). It’s mentioned (Supported Scripted Assets | VRChat Creation) as supported. But that’s it. It doesn’t even list which version neither that the current used version can’t be offically downloaded anymore.

I’m not sure what to ask or push here since a lot is missing. What is the future of FinalIK? Will it get an update? Can we get more documentation for it?

Or will it get removed in the (near) future?

That’s said.
I would like to use FIK or any other IK solving solution. Even implementing it as an OSC API (Canny) would solve my demand (for now?, as a bloody IK starter).

I found some stubs, and they seem to mention a version 1.9

Are older versions not available? I’ve never seen any discussion about Final IK, so hopefully you have some good luck.

This is a community creation. There are no documents on confirming this is the right version.
Also this is a stub. The stub is used where you normally would use your paid FinalIK. This is not FinalIK it self. It’s more like a construct which helps you to preserve the data which needs to be bundled into your avatar to work in VRChat.

As you mentioned 1.9 is the required version to my knowledge. After buying FinalIK the oldest version you can download is 2.2 or 2.3 iirc.

We don’t plan on updating FinalIK right now. We’d like to eventually replace or remove it, as a lot of the reasons we used to use it aren’t really relevant anymore, but we also don’t have any plans to remove it right now.

So, no plans for any FinalIK changes as of this moment.

FWIW, the fact it was exposed to users in the first place was less of a planned and intentional feature and more of a “oh, that’s exposed to users, huh? neat” :sweat_smile:

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What version of FinalIK is VRChat using?

If you do anything with it, please keep in mind that those components (such as CCD IK, Limb IK, Grounder, FABRIK, etc.) have no alternatives currently and would require majorly hacky Rube Goldberg Machines to replace in-game. I don’t think those will outperform what impact those current options have.

A replacement would be preferred.

Thank you~

I honestly don’t know…

Thanks a lot! For a long time I could not understand why the Final IK 2.2 version does not work, even in those. I wrote support but these monkeys didn’t answer me. It turned out that the 2022 Unity SDK still does not support the current Final IK