IK Freeze - Dragging on top of furniture and other colliders

When Ik tweaks was around, there was an option for fbt users to be able to drag themselves on top of furniture or walk through doors without freezing the avatar. With modding gone, if you try to drag urself on top of a stack of boxes or something with colliders the avatar would become unresponsive and freeze in place. Is this something that can be implemented in the coming updates? Its pretty harmless in my opinion.

One of the fun things about fullbody was being able to sit on anything.

It is sad we can no longer do that. Perhaps we could see it comeback in some way, like an SDK flag that can be used to dissalow it in places such as game worlds but allow it everywhere else by default. And alternatively instead of killing IK just dissalow interactions/input/grabbing world objects interactables ect…

Sadly for reasons not even God knows why this is intentional behavior