Forum Moderation

I’m experiencing bad forum moderation so far. Not sure if this is related to active moderation or automatation.

  • I opened a topic (Future of (Final)IK) about FinalIK which got remove/delete/hidden after a couple minutes (not imidiatly). Why? What’s wrong? Where is the hit or communication towards me or any other user?
  • I saw also other threads but couldn’t find them later anymore. Since i don’t assume so many individuals doing there work to post something only to delete it a couple minutes to hours later. Why? Was it a scammer? What do you know what i don’t know? Should i better know something about this thread where i clicked a link in before?

Please provide information what leads to close a thread in any situation. Also, please let us read the threads if they are not harmful (like scam, virus, hatefull speech, …). There is no reason to prevent us from reading what already got discussed so we can learn from it while you don’t have to answer a question a second time. Preventing us from reading will bring up others in scraping this forum and providing a full uncensored version somewhere else which would lead people to first check on a different website before checking here.

Hi @Hackebein ! Thanks for speaking up. Your post got caught by our automoderator, so it was automatically hidden until a moderator could take a look. Thank you for your patience!

Hi @Fax Thanks!
I thought so after this post disapeared quickly too :smiley: Thanks for clearification. Would be nice to get any other hint than “it’s deleted or private” while it’s in review.

Even this was caused by auomoderation i would still like talk about the moderation and improvements about closed/delete/hidden threads. Is that possible?


I somehow expected more then this from you. But it’s fine if you don’t have anything to say about it.

I guess i have to show some pacience in here and wait to hear about peoples mind about it.

It depends on the post! Posts sometimes get flagged for scams or harassment. We had someone flag their own posts earlier today. (They could have deleted their own post instead.) Sometimes our moderators take direct action if they spot something that wasn’t flagged.

That’s nice to know. Appreciate the work you doing here with your team.
Could we get some of this infromations, too? Could we get informations like “Delete by creator”, “spam” or “Waiting for review”? Or do you think they are to critical? or to much effort to provide? Or do you see any other issue with them?

I think Discourse shows if a post was deleted by its creator.

Sharing information on moderation actions may be an intentional design decision by Discourse.

I’ve seen the first two, deleted by user and comments marked as spam by other users, but for a topic to be fully hidden when in review, the underlying forum software might just hide it quietly.

What message did you get when you visited your thread?

This might be true. I was talking about thread instead of posts. I corrected it in my initial post :)

“Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” (Same as you would get when accessing a random page)

The forum moderation is without doubt to me actually not bad when my posts got flagged by other users and by myself.

If I or someone else flag my post as off topic, please remove it immediately if possible.

With grateful regards Nils606.