Foveated Rendering 2023 Update?

Hello all, just some quick general questions, the last update we had on Foveated Rendering was back in 2022.

Tupper Stated:

No new news, those projects have all stalled or stopped completely due to being unfeasible or being blocked behind things like “doesn’t work on this engine” and “everyone would have to output motion vectors from their shaders, which is not going to happen”

I could talk about it in a future dev update but it just tends to make people argue about it for pages, which isn’t what I want to do

Just circling back on the whole thing, and seeing if there were any updates, there are rumors that PSVR 2 may obtain VR CHAT support since Sony’s new full body trackers seem to be compatible with VRC presently via OSC & The official VRC account acknowledged working with Sony.



The primary purpose of bringing this up however is that Sony’s newist VR headset is mostly running off of Foveated Rendering. Which will likely push the VR industry in that direction, therefore it is likely that VRCHAT as a whole must have something they are looking at in order to maintain their leadership in the social VR space, by implementing foveated rendering.

The final questions are

  1. Are there any updates in regards to Foveated Rendering?

  2. If not has the PSVR2 changed the current thought process / been brought into consideration in regards to Foveated Rendering.

  3. What are the current roadblocks to implementing foveated rendering presently in VRC? (Aside from HMD issues, obviously most PCVR headsets are dated [Index] which don’t offer eye tracking.)

Thanks as always guys, Still a huge fan of the game.

User created content for a Sony console would be interesting to see. I guess there is potential for x64 content to work.

How common is cross platform multiplayer these days?

On the technical side I think the version of unity would need updating.

Is foveated rendering exclusive to diy and psvr2? Might need a non diy solution to tempt interest