Firebase in VRCSDK

When i try to connect Firebase with Unity using VRCSDK, there is error: Events on ‘Toggle’ were removed because one of them targeted a prohibited type ‘DatabaseManager’ (My Scripts), method ‘writeNew’ (Method in my script) or object ‘DatabaseManager’. But when i try to connect them in project with out VRCSDK, there is no error, please help me for this one, thank you

You can’t just drop in any random package and expect it to work in vrchat. Packages need to be either whitelisted for use in vrchat (Whitelisted World Components) or developed for use in vrchat specifically (

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Seem to be firebase is not mentioned in the list, so i cant use it. thank for your help :grinning:

If you’re looking for an alternative to firebase, we just recently released remote string loading, which may serve a similar purpose to pull information from a database or the internet. This doesn’t allow sending data though, only get. This is an intentional limitation for security reasons.

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