Feedback regarding 'Hide Avatar by ID' and being overridden by 'showAvatar'

Originally was going to provide some feedback in the Discord server but didn’t want it lost in the void of users and since it’s not out yet in a Live Beta build so opted for the forums instead. Will repost to the canny once that’s out in the live beta if that’s fine.

Okay onto the topic on question regarding ‘Hide Avatar by ID’ being overridden by showAvatar (Choosing to refer to it by it’s internal name).

So I’m actually rather mixed about it being able to be overridden by anything at all. The reason being, at least in my case (not sure about others) is I tend to show the avatars of others I have had a conversation with at least once, and so they can be fully shown as I’m fairly strict with my safety settings particularly with my file size limits and minimum perf limit. Now here’s the thing, as you can see in the image below –


…Yeah, I have an extraordinary amount of showAvatars and part of it is because of meeting people and showing them and also because I tend to show friend’s avatars regardless and I’d rather not have to clear all of my ‘showAvatars’. Now I totally understand this being a me problem pretty much, but there are times when friends of mine change into public avatars that I personally do not like (not necessarily offensive, but more so obscenely unoptimized.). So I’d rather it be the case where once you hide an avatar by ID, it would be hidden no matter what until the person switched out of the avatar and would not be overridden. I could maybe see some concerns over how would one be able to unhide an avatar ID if it’s hidden and can’t be shown no matter what until it’s unhidden.

Aside from being able to unhide it in the QM I’d also assume it’d be considered a moderation action of some sorts as well alongside the others in the ‘Blocks & Mutes’ section of the website so it’d have a list of blocked avatars ID you could delete individually or as a whole if necessary. Another small point someone brought up to me is the common use-case of hiding and showing someone’s avatar to fix an issue of someone being invisible or their voice being offset from where their head actually is so that was another factor of showing a lot of people’s avatars as well.

Post-edit: Another point I did forget to think about until just now, regarding my rather strict performance settings limits. Even though I have everything set to shown for friends for the custom safety settings, because of my avatar cap being set to 30 MB and minimum perf set to Medium, some friends depending on their personal avatars would be hidden regardless unless I were to explicitly show their avatar so this is another thing to consider for this.

Now that I think about it, most avatars (and also if your trust rank is below a certain level) would be hidden by a fallback per my perf settings, but what if I didn’t know at first, showed someone’s avatar and it was just a really bad avatar? Sure I could just hide the user in general, but what if I just want to block the avatar ID in general so I never have to see it again? If ‘Hide Avatar by ID’ were to be overridden by ‘showAvatar’ it feels like it would just be kind of pointless.


Agreed. I tend to Show Avatars a lot, simply because I hide all Very Poor avatars by default (optimize your avatars, people!!).

I’d only use the Hide Avatar by ID when it was a nuisance avatar, and in that case I’d want it hidden no matter if a friend or someone I’d shown was using it. I think it would also need to have its own icon like Fallback, just so I don’t show it out of habit.

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