DMCA Takedown User Safety

I wanted to point out how odd it is with how VRChat handles DMCA requests compared to other platforms that host avatars for sale(gumroad, booth, etc.,) These companies, when submitted a DMCA takedown request, do NOT forward the personal details of the one submitting the request. However, VRChat notes that it will send FULL LEGAL NAMES, STREET ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER. This is a SERIOUS, and I mean SERIOUS SAFETY CONCERN for creators trying to defend their stolen content. People who redistribute content ILLEGALLY will do any means to harm creators when they receive that SENSITIVE information because you guys WILLINGLY forward it to them. I just want to start a discussion regarding the safety of users when trying to defend their content. We should not be afraid to protect our content in fear of getting SWATTED or having our full legal information leaked and shared. Please be more considerate of our livelihoods.

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