Stolen VRChat assets been ripped how to prevent not being ripped

I really don’t like rippers one of them used an Id downloader thay made them untraceable have stolen they selling them on the black market everything from me I stopped uploading them I’m the original owner of them it’s bad VRChat you need to do something about this I don’t know make I’d encrypted so this dos not happen again to everyone all this has been done outside of VRChat and resonantly my woulds wos deleted I did submit a cease-and-desist form rippers and hackers are developing new ways to steal your this needs to end
Thay needs to be something that VRChat can stop this for good it’s in the VRChat rules

I’ve been seeing a few others complaining about having their avis ripped. I’m not sure what can be done or if EZ Anti-cheat can help here since the avatar needs to be downloaded onto your computer in order to display it in some form, and more than likely Rippers are pulling that local data rather than grabbing it from VRC.

Unity is kind of a known quantity and so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to know that there are reverse compilers or decryption methods out there that can basically reverse-engineer an avatar (Or anything else from Unity for that matter, like other peoples’ worlds!). :carrot:

Every thread I’ve seen about this someone comments that they don’t use their private avatar in public instances because of ripping potential.

I wonder how automated that stuff is, maybe you can upload an avatar with an ID and the right name, but an older avatar, wait for it to show on black market and then actually upload it. Or maybe change the name and see how many duplicates you can get.

I hope the developers find something that provides people’s priveit and public avatars and woulds
This needs to end not just me who has this problem the vrchat community way not just make the id.s encrypted