What about better security on the new sdk to prevent ripping?

With the new sdk being released will there be any encryption or security on the uploads used through the new 3.3.0 sdk similar to the kind of security that chillout has like encryption keys to help secure uploads as this is something that is desperately needed to prevent rippers from ripping avatars or worlds. We should be securing the files themselves as that is how rippers are even ripping to begin with.

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There was a statement from @tupper in the last update.

Basically some security elements are put in place to deal with rippers, but there is two main problems with it.

First, they try to do security through obscurity, by not sharing security elements, it makes it harder to counter them, but they will find a way anyway at some point.

Two, the ripping problem is a structural problem, even if you encrypt or do anything, in the end, the avatar or world is run on your pc, so you need to decrypt it, and as you do, it gets possible to dump it.

All of that to say that they can make it harder and harder, but there will be no final solution to that.

Hope I could light up aspects of your question

Also for people who wanna protecct themselfs here are 3 alternatives:


GitHub - PlagueVRC/AntiRip: AntiRip (Kanna Protecc) - Free and insanely strong VRChat Anti Rip. Let us rid of rippers, together. - AntiRip (Kanna Protecc)

Just posting for people people looking to protect themselfs
Due note: that majority of ani rippers can / will only destroy the meshes not textures or prevent “most common” toosl from extracting your content.

I personally suggest creators go with AntiRip (Kanna Protecc) as its really strong and free. untill vrchat might have their own solution but even that might not be enough and any aditional protection is welcomed.

When having a creator make your avatar, request them make your avatar with kanna with the understanding some custom shaders just will not work, so its a slight trade off from cool effects, to being safe. especially fi you have custom mesh/build avatar from blender modifications.

Also for creators/sellers as bonus that many does not know about

If you wish to have more ability to remove people that leek your packages you sell, you might wanna migrate over to payhip, they give you the ability:

  • If you find your unitypackage on a webisite or someone send your a leeked copy, you can upload that file on their platform and find who bought it and block them from accessing your package for download again if you make updates, maning if they want your content, they need to rebuy I assume on another account.

Texture encryption is also linked for free in the Kanna Protecc FAQ.