Developer Update - 4 May 2023

Welcome to the Developer Update for 4 May 2023!

Rollercoaster Tycoon fanatics, this is your time to shine. Today’s Dev Update thumbnail features Reimajo’s world Udon Tycoon! Build water slides, coasters, and train tracks for you and your friends!

If you’d like to catch up, you can read our previous Developer Update from April 28.

Dev Updates - Now Biweekly!

Starting with this Developer Update, we are swapping to a biweekly (once every two weeks) schedule. The next Dev Update will be on May 18. We may shift this around a bit to ensure we have enough time to dedicate to these updates.

Important Info / Announcements

Quest 1 Deprecation Date

In a previous update, we informed you that we would be deprecating the Quest 1 soon. We now have a date for you.

After June 30th, 2023, we will no longer provide support for the Meta Quest 1 headset.

Tickets opened with our User Support team regarding the Meta Quest 1 after that date will be informed that we no longer support the HMD and will not be able to provide assistance to users using it.

Any time after June 30th, the Quest 1 may stop working entirely. This is primarily due to Meta’s deprecation of the Quest 1 SDK, which will prevent us from keeping VRChat updated properly on the device.

You can continue to use Quest 1 with Quest Link, Virtual Desktop, ALVR, or other tethering methods to connect your Quest 1 to a Windows PC. Please note that those other applications may also be deprecating the Quest 1, so keep an eye on their announcements and news posts.


VRChat Client 2023.2.2

We’ve recently released VRChat 2023.2.2! Check out the patch notes here.

We also created a patch note video!

One of the big features in this release was Squishy Bones, a new addition to PhysBones. Check out our promo video here:

VRChat Creator Companion 2.1.1

We’ve updated the Creator Companion to 2.1.1!

  • Projects will be moved to the top of the list when they are opened.
  • When installing or updating packages, you will be shown a preview of the changes that will be made as a result before they happen.

  • VCC Updates have a bit more info now, with a link to the release notes and a warning about any projects that are in the danger zone:

  • We now track the URLs of Community Repos which are added so we can gather info about the most popular listings and packages.
    • You can opt out of this on the Settings page if you like.

Check the patch notes for more info.

To update, open up VCC, click “Update” in the bottom left, wait a few seconds, and you’re done.

VRChat SDK 3.2.0

We’ve updated the VRChat SDK to 3.2.0! Check the patch notes for more info.

To update, use the VRChat Creator Companion.

Ongoing Development

Group Member Filtering and Sorting

Group Managers can now filter by role (or members without roles) and sort by join date!

On the VRChat site, members of a group who have a role with the “Manage Group Member Data” permission will be able to filter by any one role and/or sort by join date.

Did one of your new mods just join the group, and you need to give them their new roles? Sort by join date descending to quickly find them! Forgot who can moderate instances? Filter by your Mod role! Btw, Member Search is in the works too.

Oh hey, by the way, did you know you can make roles self-assignable? That way, your members can self-assign descriptive roles like “North America” or “Ask to Headpat” all on their own!

More Udon UI Previews

Another quick Udon UI preview for you! Tired of searching for the video controls in the world? Too chilled out to get up and change the video? What if you could just do this:

Keep an eye out for more Udon UI previews soon!


Not a lot of ongoing development this week to share, but that’s mostly because basically everything got updates.

Remember, next week is an off week! Next Dev Update is on May 18. We’re trying to make it so Dev Updates don’t happen the same weeks we do releases, because if we do that we get overloaded pretty fast.

See you next time!


Sorting the group’s member list by join date is kind of useless when you have 800+ members and you can only load 26 members at a time. What we really need is a username search.


They are still working on that ^^


love to know more about the different group instance types more, and when they’ll be released.

Nice menu looking!
Is there any news on group search yet? :man_technologist:

We agree, that’s why we’re workin’ on it.

Not much more to them other than what we’ve shared! They’re pretty straightforward.

Hoping to have them out in an upcoming release.

Today I heard someone saying that it’s coming quite soon, but don’t take that as an announcement. Still has to get through QA and etc.


Is Udon UI going to be folderized in any way? Having multiple packages defining a Udon UI would get cluttered fast if not

I’m curious about this too, But nothing has been said about 3rd party addons being able to automatically add entries to the menu, like audiolink embedding its controls without the world author needing to do anything.

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This wouldn’t be hard to link in through scripting though, even if it isn’t explicitly stated by VRC as compatible

My worry is without a official system, linking like this will happen and the UI will become a unusable cluttered mess

OSC controls through the UI maybe? Though you can already sort of do that with avatars.

I agree. Hopefully we hear more about scripting and organizing the new UI, and a reduced motion mode that restricts it to static textures, or lower framerate textures

thats some great feature and specialy the one with the video player

but ngl its making me sad to see less dev update

If the next update is May 18th. shouldn’t the expiry on this thread be bumped accordingly?


that will be easy to help others to put that video link that’s nice.

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Any news about fixing some of the underlying issues, such as the system not properly marking when worlds are updated?


Since Quest 1 support is on its way out, will there be any changes to the Quest builds of VRC due to a higher baseline for content? Like minimal adjustments to a select few quest content limits, or potential enhancements?

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From Developer Update - 13 April 2023:

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Developers have already mentioned they are technically past the performance allowance on quest as is, so likely not unfortunately

It is a miracle VRChat ever ran on the first Quest.


With the quest 1 support leaving, will it now show Quest2 controllers in the login screen? It’s super weird holding the quest 1 controllers while you login, only for it to fix itself afterwards.
Also sad, as I preferred the balance and feel of the 1st controllers over the 2nd’s