Developer Update - 22 September 2022

Then this setting should not at least be hidden like that, im supposed to click 20 buttons each time i start the game to be able to play? Thats worst UX I could ever imagine, but I will probably see even worse in future from you guys, you never stop surprising me with disappointment

also I still want other gesture lock icons, the issue with first beta was that it was impossible to tell if you enabled or disabled it without looking at it.
And thats still an issue, 2 pixels of red line is not enough to see a difference without looking at it.

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only big change i would love to see is have the vrc camera controls into the action menu (zoom in/out,take picture, timer, change behaviors etc )… shouldn’t be too difficult

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Will say, had this issue when I also started playing around w/ the beta camera. Couldn’t find the focus until a friend pointed out you had to scroll the menu to find it instead of clicking the arrows.

I would love this

Would very much like to be able to set down an animated camera dolly so so bad, maybe with some canned animations like orbiting the player, etc.

vous avez delete la fonction pour pas traverser les avatars ?

Hi I would like us to have a web browser on Vrchat in your next updates please . Thank you

and I also want to have access to our files like photos and all our videos for example like Google drive but for vrchat to watch with others users .Thank you again

Are you thinking of somehow sharing screenshots and videos with other users while inside vr ch at? Personally I prefer to look at screenshots outside of VR

But yeah, basically I might not be following your suggestion, so you should edit the post and add more to it?

There is a problem with the microphone in VRChat where it’s delayed for 1 to 2 seconds, and it is happening to a lot of users who use a PC or VR headset on VRChat right now.

My complaint is even with that haptics strength isn’t set on velocity. It’s more of pulses that increase

Yep, tried it and see what you mean now!
Looks like there’s a Canny for it:

I would appreciate Tooltips staying as a QM option; I typically have it off when I don’t want text to appear for interactions but I want to be able to quickly turn it on so I can check what a thing does if it isn’t redundantly labeled already.

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it may be the headset or its audio driver / device breaking, its odd, i have the same problem

Hey just a regular player here is it possible to make a quest and pc shader like completely unique pc can see it and the same with quest but its more of quest optimised kinda like beat saber type light. Idk if you could make it happen but theres alot of things to push vrchat quest 2 to its limit i know that images can be more crisp and ive seen some games run pretty damn smooth with fake raytracing i would like to see realtime shadows i know all of this is possible but im just hoping you would take the time to do this.

So far so good.

Yea I had the same issue on the weekend. Rejoining the world fixed it for me though.

Essentially nobody who seriously wants this feature cares. If you make it reset every start solving a world specific problem by making it reset every session makes no bloody sense. I’ve said this before in the canny, that’s like saying “some chairs in some worlds might break your avatar, so we should have all of your 3.0 parameters reset every time you start vrchat”… It’s completely nonsensical and using a completely unrelated solution for the supposed problem.
. . . Anybody who wants it on wants it to stay on unless they have to disable it for some reason, forcing them to re-enable it every time is an unnecessary tedious nuisance, and is also easy to forget until you try to do headpats or something and get your immersion destroyed.

If people want Dynamic mode with the rare case of problems, let them opt in with the warning (i world hop a lot and see many worlds, i can attest the issues are extremely rare). Forced mode setting the camera to 0.001 nearplane and then blaming everything on it is completely ludicrous. You guys made dynamic mode for the explicit purpose of minimizing issues.
Either make Dynamic Mode not reset every time vrchat starts OR at the very very very minimum, keep at least dynamic mode option in the quick menu and accessible.

The idea that you are supposedly getting heaps of support issues because of dynamic mode is absurd, dishonest even. You have a large majority of vrchat users who very much desire this feature, vs a very select minority of world creators that might have to deal with the occasional issue OR they could just fix their world so that dynamic mode doesn’t break anything (if the nearplane is >=0.01 all visual issues are relatively easily solvable even in immensely sized worlds - previously tested with 100% success rate). Too often people keep blaming forced mode issues on dynamic mode, it’s always treated as an afterthought “oh forced mode is bad, and maybe dynamic sometimes too, therefore we should prevent people from overusing dynamic mode”… What?
. . . Just separate the options.

i’m going to reference the cannies below:

[1220] Dynamic Mode for Near Clip adjustment should save after restart.

[1243] Move viewpoint clip distance back to quick menu

Separate Near Clip Forced Mode and Dynamic Mode.

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This kinda sounds like you’re nudging people not to be comfy with eachother in a social VR game? Which is kinda bad, for a number of reasons:

  • For many of us, this is the reason why we play the game -being comfy, and close to eachother, regardless what world we are in. By always-defaulting the clipping pane, you’re essentially saying we should not be comfy with eachother? In a social vr game.
  • And you’re using dark UX techniques to achieve this non-comfiness; ie not outright disabling it, but making it slightly infuriating for everyone who wants to be comfy to add. Just. One. More. Step. to their VR config.

So, like: Start oculus, put on trackers, put on headset, configure playspace, start oculus desktop, start vrchat, configure playspace to vive trackers, and then go into the menu and set comfy mode.

I fully understand that having that option makes you feel like you’re responsible to have it 100% working with all stuff, otherwise you get support tickets. Can you please offer us a compromise that will allow us to be not nudged this way, if we 100% will not ever raise a support ticket for nearclip reasons? Please.

Thank you.