Developer Update - 13 October 2022

Welcome to the Developer Update for October 13th, 2022!

If you’d like to catch up, you can read our previous Developer Update from October 6th.

UI 2.0 is LIVE!

VRChat’s UI 2.0 upgrade released yesterday! Finally, the old Main Menu is gone for good. (F)

This update will let us move on with implementing all kinds of cool new features much more rapidly. We’ve got some bugs to work out, but patches are on the way out to address them.

We released a blog post going over all the features, not to mention an absolutely GARGANTUAN set of release notes.

We’ve been really happy with the reception of the new Main Menu so far. While it is a change, it’s a good one. We’ll continue iterating on it to make it work well for everyone!

UI 2.0.1… is also LIVE!

We got a patch earlier today that addressed some fresh issues with the UI 2.0 update. We’ve got more on the way!

VRChat 2022.3.1p1 Patch Notes


Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

  • Fixed scroll position on World pages getting stuck at bottom
  • When “Toggle + Keep State” is enabled, microphone state will now be remembered during restarts
  • Improved Main Menu placement while sitting in stations
  • Fixed “Ctrl-H” switching HUD state
  • HUD Smoothing is now disabled by default
    • If you have already launched the version released yesterday, it will not be reset
    • You can toggle it off manually under Main Menu Settings > User Interface > HUD Smoothing
  • Corrected order of Avatar Favorites sorted by “Date Added”
  • Fixed some funny wording to be less funny and more correct

Spookality Updates

The spookiest month of the year, er… Spookality…tober… continues onward! We’ve got 8 more days until submissions close on the 21st of October.

To make your submission of your world or avatar, head on over to the VRChat Home Website and click that big 'ol “Join the Jam” button on the left side:

First Round of Spookality Content

The first round of reviewed Spookality content is going LIVE today!

Head on over to the Spookality Hub via the portal in the VRChat Home to check it all out!

I think its live now? Maybe? I’m not sure? If it isn’t just give it some time.

Ongoing Development

Show / Hide Avatar Player Moderations

In two of our previous Dev Updates (here first and then more here) we talked about Show Avatar and Hide Avatar player moderations moving to local storage to help with some issues we were having with scaling.

We’ve since decided to hold off on deployment of this feature for now, mostly due to the feature needing some more development. So, it got pulled out of 2022.3.1.

We’re still planning to move these to local storage, but it isn’t in yet.

Email Verification

We’ve just implemented a new system to help increase VRChat account security – Email Verification!

You’ve always had to verify your email when you create a VRChat account, but now when certain changes happen or certain “flags” are set, we ask you to re-verify your email.

Of course, the best security we offer is via 2-Factor Authentication, which we recommend for all users. Email Verification adds a layer of protection.

Read more about our Email Verification system and its rollout in our latest blog post.

Avatar Preview Fixes

A bunch of fixes made it in regarding the Avatar Preview, which is the thing you see when you’re looking in your own avatars or when you’re viewing someone else’s avatar!

Just for a quick recap:

  • No more falling/sleeping animations when menu is closed and re-opened
  • Particles removed from previews as they tended to obscure the UI
  • Avatars should scale better inside of the preview window, even when the aspect ratio of the game window changes
  • 2D avatars should no longer be super duper huge and explode outside of their bounds
  • The direction you’re looking when you open the menu should no longer affect the apparent height of the preview avatar
  • Avatar height calculations should be more consistent and won’t change if you’re currently wearing a bigger or smaller avatar
  • The blue diamond loading avatar and error avatars no longer have their height calculated
  • Avatars should no longer pop out of the UI and appear in world space if their animators are misconfigured

tl;dr: We fixed Pixel Froggy Car.



Personal Mirror Snapping

We got this request a few times, so we put it in! You can now enable an option to let your Personal Mirror snap to whole angles.

Udon Node Graph Upgrades

We’ve got a bunch of great new upgrades on the way for the Udon Node Graph! The Creator team threw this video together to show it off:

These upgrades should be coming with the next SDK update, coming soon! If you grab the VCC you’ll be able to seamlessly upgrade as soon as its out!

VRChat Knowledgebase / Helpdesk Upgrades

If you didn’t know, the VRChat Knowledgebase is the best place to go to troubleshoot issues with VRChat. Our Support team covers a lot of ground here with the articles, and most of the time you can get your technical issue solved by finding the right article.

We’ve been revamping both the content and the visuals of the Knowledgebase site. This new look will launch soon!

VRChat Avatar Upcoming Features

We’ve got something in the works for new ways to work on VRChat avatars! I’ve personally mentioned it a few times on Twitter and in previous Dev Update threads, and meant to include it last week.

Buuuuuut, the Design and Avatars team flagged me down, asking us to give it more time to cook before we show it off. It’s really early in development right now, so they want to make sure what we show off properly represents the system, instead of waving our hands vaguely at what we want to put out there.

So, apologies! We’ll hold off on this for now. We’ll talk about it later. It’ll be worth the wait!


That’s all for this week’s Dev Update! Go hop into VRChat and check out the Spookality Hub! There’s already a ton of content up to check out from our super talented community.

See you next time on October 20th!


This is really cool! Glad to see more verification steps are being taken towards verifying unprotected accounts
(please god if you’re reading this and you haven’t enabled 2FA yet- what are you doing. at least go use a password manager with a sufficiently complex password if you’re averse to Authy for whatever reason; it runs on all operating systems and takes like no effort to set up, there are no excuses!)

I never knew how much I needed a foreach loop keybind, that’s awesome! Super glad to see UdonGraph getting more love after so long, goes a long way to helping people make the things they want to make!

(Cracks knuckles)
Time to commit more CSS crimes.

:fist: :pensive:

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day idk waiting for camera animations for my tiktoks


remain thrilled at the candor of these updates, including things like the bit this week about Avatars team asking to hold off. Excited for component based toggles sooner or later!

Can a “Show Avatar Globally” option be added?



where is the chatbox shortcut?

“Avatar Upcoming Features” you say?
Avatar Scaling :crossed_fingers: Avatar Scaling :crossed_fingers: Avatar Scaling :crossed_fingers:


This! I really really hope we get it in the near future, it’s practically a necessity for my avatar sales :((

Uhm, when are we going to get this? It’s not in the current Update neither did you mention when it will come. xD

the new help desk looks nice! is there dark mode?

Any updates regarding Steam Audio?

And good job in the last few months btw

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Buuuuuut, the Design and Avatars team flagged me down, asking us to give it more time to cook before we show it off. It’s really early in development right now, so they want to make sure what we show off properly represents the system, instead of waving our hands vaguely at what we want to put out there.

Props? :thinking:

So now the new main menu is out, will the instance permission system for avatar scaling & flying come out soon-ish? A lot of people want avatar scaling especially


There is something strange in the mirror when there is a name with Korean after the ui2.0 update.
A white board that is too big covers the mirror.

While this is good for security. It is gonna be an issue for the people that try to upload a private avatar for someone else.

I am sure services like that is part of what causes accounts to become compromised, since it literally involves sharing your password with someone you might not know.

Is this something you plan to address in the future? Some way to upload a private avatar to someone else’s account. Maybe a one-time upload token or something.

I see a photo icon on the main menu of some of the official screenshot (last tab), sinse it’s still not avaliable, I was wondering what it was for.
(I really hope its a photo library tab)

That’s the VRC+ gallery tab, for user icons and profile photos.

I am also extremely thrilled that VRChat is natively adding avatar scaling.