Developer Update - 19 January 2023

Nope, no plans. Steel 'n Gold was the result of an internal Jam week so it isn’t something on any roadmap, just a fun thing some of our team members worked on.

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Does this mean that this feature will only work with VRChat-approved URLs, or does this mean that we can load any URL if someone has “untrusted URLs” on? I only ask because I feel like the value of this URL string loading feature will then either be “just alright” or “amazing”, respectively.

Thank you!!! This has been an issue for a while and it was getting hard to take pictures without focus.

Taking this opportunity to promote a bug with the Quick Menu’s bottom tabs while in User View mode. :pray:

Works the same as video players IIRC.

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Perfect! That’s awesome. This means I should be able to load any URL. I love this, because then it means I can make my own API to load data, like persistent user settings, so people that want their world settings configured a certain way can auto-load them on join. Thanks!

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That makes me think of one more question. Why did you stop updating the vrchat hub? I’ve been wondering for quite a while.

From what I understood as discussed in past updates, actual built-in world persistence is being looked into but its still some ways off

Please start working soon on the new keyboard, the current one is really unbearable, you can’t type fast, pleaaaaaaaaase


All looks good, Also I wanted to make an unrelated suggestion.

When you open your Menu, it locks your body in place and allows you to move your head around. I often see this being used for users with 3 point tracking. Why not just make this a feature? Simply add an option on the wheel menu to lock your body in place. It would be just like opening the menu but with out the menu being open.

Let me know what you think when you have the time. Keep up the good work.


Great to hear the news about the camera controls fix. Just curious if there’s still any chance of the camera grab distance and scaling being added as requested? Just like the personal mirror is nearly infinitely scalable and you can grab it from a mile away… can you PLEASE make the camera have these same 2 features. PLEASE… Allowing the camera to scale up would fix a lot of other issues people are asking for on here (like the timer button one mentioned above).


For sure. But at least in the mean time, I can write an API and store the world parameters into a very short string. Probably using MongoDB Atlas to store them, since the free tier is 512 MB. I can probably store the UserID and string within 100 bytes (less the MongoDB ID, unless I disable those). So I can probably handle a few million users off that database with little issue.

Example (rough guess, if I wanted booleans and floats)

Hope discord will be part of the string urls whitelist, would make it easier to quickly upload some data. I use it for videos too on vrc for quest users, it’s just kind of a shame that it isn’t part of the video url whitelist

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if you look at the screenshot you’ll see that you need a VRCUrl, which means you can’t pass data through the URL at runtime that won’t really work

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will we get to see the other jam worlds you all made?

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I understand that VRChat can’t provide a VOD/compilation/playlist of all the videos played on NYE, but if there is a way that anyone could put one together, I’d love to see it!

The idea is to have the string in an input box, and the user can go to a website to update their settings by copying and pasting it.

That is a good point though. I was curious if it could accept runtime URLs, because then you could theoretically “write” data to a GET request by putting the data in query parameters. I actually was hoping that could work, because then world settings persistence would be permanent. It would even allow people to host databases for long-term games.

Though on the other hand, what is “start” (I still haven’t worked with Udon, only have other programming knowledge)? It was shown previously that a button can be pressed after world load. Is it not possible to create a VRCUrl object/type value after runtime using other Udon values, and then pass it to the url on request?

Here it is pretty much only a variable, next to a TextField,which I presume are variables in general that you can modify at runtime, no?


Looking at the API Config I saw that there are a few urls already allowed and I’m sure more will come.
I would like to suggest adding * or raw. as that allows getting raw text data of file from Github repo. is also good alternate to is also simple yet powerful alternate too.

Current API response

"stringHostUrlList": [

But overall I can’t wait to be able to do all this! :slight_smile:
Syncing users with VRChat will be easier than ever.


In the topic of group improvements - wish we can see a quick fix for not being able to unblock a group. It’s a small thing but it makes you effectively unable to join some of the friends or circles of people, for almost 2 months now since the release :frowning:

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Make an audio notification(when my friend join to my instance) more loudly.

In the current version under development(?), seems to be available. https://* appears to be available in the current development version (?), but I have a question

  • If you have your own domain (CNAME) set up in GitHub Pages, all requests will be 301 redirected to your own domain. It is not easy to remove this because of the large impact area, but will the redirect be supported?
  • It would be great if redirects were supported, but this also poses a problem: if you have CNAMEs set for GitHub Pages, you can display arbitrary pages that are not limited to Pages, which diminishes the meaning of the whitelist.
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