Developer Update - 19 January 2023


Very much looking forward to seeing what stuff string data will allow us to do in game.

Regarding the CC, do you have plans for a submission process for community packages for it so it’s not just the more well-known popular ones? While I’ve created some cool personal Editor tools, I’ve not really found a good way to promote and push them on to the wider community, would be great to be able to submit my work so that it can be easily available for others to try.

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So regarding this, This has already been reported to as a Security Issue and we have gotten a response from a Team member yesterday through discord, redirects will be blocked on VRChat side and won’t work.


The image loader’s web requests ignore redirects.

This question has come up several times, we’ll make sure to mention it in the documentation! :+1:


Agreed. It would be nice to have a “Third Party” section where it pulls from an API that can automatically accept new packages submitted by users. Similar to NPM for NodeJS, and users can report malicious or bad packages.


How I hated this camera with my 20 fps

Given the risks involved, it might be good to have some kind of moderation, either staff or peer reviewed.
Could be good to do it via github and pull requests. Adding your package to the list means submitting a pull request to add a manifest file to the repository which the CC would fetch to get the package DB.
Then community members can go test out and inspect your package code and vote to approve it for inclusion?

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Yeah, agreed. At the very least, they could include a ranking system, so maybe packages only show up after a certain number of stars/upvotes, and you can optionally get “risky” packages for testing. But yes, at least some moderation would be needed.

Are there any plans for fixing or improving latency/syncing with UDON? Some game worlds have bad latency which gives other players an unfair advantage

Is there any work being done to fix the camera jittering wildly when sitting in a moving vrcstation?
This bug was introduced along with the drone camera feature…
Also, the ui is unusable when moving in world space. Having world space smoothing on the camera and menus makes little sense, it just causes them to jitter so much that you can’t click any buttons when in a moving seat.

Any plans on releasing an Avatar search bar?

A question regarding Udon 2: Do i understand correctly, that we will have a complete C# compiler, including things like Interfaces and Inheritance?

This is identical to using the “VRC Animator Locomotion Control” state behavior as listed here on the vrc documentation: State Behaviors, it can be implemented on the avatar its self as a toggle using this, also gogo loco (a pre-made pack of locomotion options for non-fbt users) already has a toggle for this built-in to it

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VRCUrls are a locked down version of strings, they can be read from a specific “VRCUrl Text Box” type object (I don’t know the exact name) or defined as a constant in the world and can then be used in video players and this new string loading feature

You can cast a VRCUrl to a string to read the url for displaying it but you cannot cast a string back into a VRCUrl for what I can only assume to be “security reasons”

This means that in VRChat you can only load URLs that are either built-in to the world or have been inputted by a user (which is a really annoying restriction)

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As far as I can tell, you can do anything that would be possible in web assembly, which should include Interfaces and Inheritance as well as a lot of other stuff such as being able to use languages other than C# (which I will be looking into as soon as that update comes out as I hate C#)

That’s really frustrating. I do wish we could request any URL. It kind of defeats the purpose of the feature IMO, especially for people that want to create dynamic, persistent experiences that may be cross platform or integrate with other APIs.

Based on this, it doesn’t even sound like I would be able to use a user’s ID to get unique data pertaining to them on world load. What are we supposed to use VRCUrls for then? Just loading generic information? I don’t see how this is useful for worlds besides showing random or generic information that isn’t necessarily persistent to the world. Like maybe getting a random URL for a video player? But you can just do that in Udon already with a list of strings.

How did you find out all of this btw? Or how did you know?

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What about group only instances? We need unlocked links for group instanses

I think this news is super exciting; especially the camera one. And with that being said, I have waited so long for you guys to post another dev update so I could ask a question.

When do you guys plan on pushing the OSC full body tracking live? I’m just curious because I have my trackers already bought but waiting so I can use OSC for standalone fbt. Got any idea when that could possibly come out? Or when we’ll have an update about that?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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It’s been live for a bit! OSC Trackers

Ignore the warning at the top, looks like it got re-enabled accidentally at some point. I’ll turn it off in a bit.

Oh okay, thanks for the fast reply! Have a good day