Developer Update - 18 May 2023

Personally haven’t had any of my avatars get ripped since EAC was added (on the sites I know of anyway) so it is DEFINITELY massively improved from before EAC, now that it is far more tedious to do it.

P.S. of course GPU dumping of the mesh and such will never be fixed without some sketchy anti-cheat forcibly turning off applications on your PC.
That method loses a lot of stuff from the original assets though, not worth the time you’d have to spend fixing it up.

If VRChat isn’t making any revenue, how do you think they will be able to continue to survive? Infrastructure and employment aren’t free.

Efforts to create a sustainable marketplace that can generate revenue to keep the game running is going to be needed if you ever want VRChat in your life 3 years from now.

I really disagree with the creator economy feature, I don’t want to see micro-transaction, advertising, paywall, pay to Win everywhere.

Your top creators think it’s junk so abandon the idea

I’ve already seen all of those in VRChat already. Well, I guess no microtransactions yet, but we’ll see. Implemented by VRChat mtx is probably about 3 years out.

Advertising and pay to win, world called idle home has those. I’ve been to it three times so far, two issues with the world. No pens on Quest, and the video player blocks the game, although maybe that’s a feature…

I wonder if anyone has implemented a VR cookie clicker yet

So what would you like to see? You accept the need for VRChat to make money somehow, yes? (Unless you believe that VRCPlus brings in any more than a pittance)

Eventually that venture funding is going to dry up, and either they make money or shut down.

These are pressures generally not faced by creators, so their input can only go so far. And these pressures will only increase as time goes on.

I think it would be great to be able to make a few bucks from the (literally hundreds of) hours I’ve put into things. Might help slightly with that astronomical inflation that’s making it harder and harder to do things like this.

I believe that with advertising, paywall, pay to win everywhere in the game, I (and probably a lot of users) will get bored really soon and simply avoid any worlds that use in-game transactions. I can also see many users simply leave VRChat for being too greedy.

In the end, who will benefit from such situation? Neither VRChat nor creators.

several popular worlds already have lots of advertisements in them

At this point creators and VRChat devs still have ample opportunity to look at how well mobile game mechanics work on PC games.

Where I get a bit lost following you is. Hmm let’s try point form

  • World authors in general get too interested in making money
  • Players lose interest in those works
  • I think around here either players could stick to older worlds or make some new ones

At this point I think it’d be hilarious if VRChat implemented a 100% proper YouTube player. Everyone would prolly get ads, because well, YouTube normally has ads.

Guess what: the most popular worlds already have paywalls and transactions, just outside of VRChat.

You think the devs haven’t carefully thought this through? Do you expect VRC to just have absolutely no revenue and continue going?

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I am glad I never visited those worlds and they are not in my favorite

They actually do have incomes with vrc+. They could get even more income if vrc+ was more attractive. This creator economy is just a greedy move.

If greed was a motivation, this wouldn’t be an update a year or two later stating it’s still coming.

What would you add to VRC+ to make it more attractive?

I enjoy conventions, Raves and exclusive parties. I do not enjoy going to other sites to pay for them. I would love to just pay at the door.

If sales are going to be a thing.

—Is there a way for Avatar creators to check what their character models look like to other people with various settings turned off?

I tried a cute Penguin Onsie avatar from a showcase world with toggleable outfits, but when I got into a public lobby, I was told it looked “unclothed” to users who had certain settings disabled. Of course, this freaked me out and I changed to a ‘known good’ avatar immediately.

I could see VRChat adding some of the preview methods needed, but not all.

  • Shaders with non working fallbacks
  • Animators gone wild
  • Improperly set up parameters between Quest and PC

Last one seems a bit tricky

For now probably best to test for problem manually and then be aware of the gotchas. Like have another account that you can test against.