Developer Update - 17 November 2022

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When there are 20 players, 10 in front of you and 10 behind you, and you use show 10 closest avatars then you will only see the closest 10 avatars, which means if all of the 10 avatars behind are closer then the closest in front, you won’t see any1 in front. + VR view angles is not even 180° or 120° it is closer to 90°. Therefor using Hide Avatar by Distance but also directionally. will make close quarters social interaction better, + as Hide Avatar by Distance has proven culling is not as good.

I wonder what is the performance like if I accidently do a 360 in that situation? Could be interesting loading and unloading 10 avatars in a very close time. Or is there a delay in the action of loading/unloading avatars?

I haven’t tried the existing feature so I don’t know how well it works, I do know that sometimes my friends load chunky e-girl avatars that cause my PC to hitch

The showing & hiding avatars is pretty efficient but the main limitation is VRAM. Meaning if you load all avatars (40 for example) and then limit it to 8 showen, it will take a while befor Unity moves what is not needed out of VRAM. (And the lower your fps the longer it will take.)

So if you do a 360 i think you won’t get the VRAM benefit. But you still will get the benefit of less GPU core load as you render less avatars because you don’t need to increase the show avatar range or amount to see all nearby avatars in your field of view.

There is currently a small delay, like 1-2 sec. (The delay might be longer with more avatars or less fps, Idk for sure.)

The Mysticle on YouTube said, in this video that OSC FBT is in OPEN beta. Is that true?

Video link: Quest Standalone Full Body Is Actually HERE! Valve Deckard & Tons More! - YouTube


Yes, it is currently in open beta. Join our discord and check the open beta announcement channel for more information

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