Curated Community Packages - Now available in the Creator Companion!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re taking a break to celebrate the holiday, but we’ve still got an exciting announcement for you this week:

The VRChat Creator Companion now includes some of the community’s best custom packages! They’re available right now, and adding them to your VRChat projects has never been easier.

  • AudioLink
  • VRWorld Toolkit
  • EasyQuestSwitch
  • Avatars 3.0 Manager

Adding these packages only takes a few clicks. And they’re easy to update, too - Instead of searching the internet, updates show up directly inside the Creator Companion.

Let’s go over each of these packages, who made them, and how they help you make better VRChat worlds and avatars.


By llealloo, cnlohr, Pema99, float3 and lox9973

“AudioLink is a system that analyzes and processes in-world audio into many different highly reactive data streams and exposes the data to VRChat Udon, world shaders, and avatar shaders.”

AudioLink allows creators to make VRChat worlds that react to music in real time. This makes it a great fit for DJ events, club worlds, or anywhere with a colorful dance floor. If you’re on PC, it can even be used on avatars - Seeing an entire room of people light up in sync with the music is a sight to behold!

If you need help with AudioLink or would like to thank them for their amazing work, visit the AudioLink Discord Server or GitHub repository.

VRWorld Toolkit

By 1

“VRWorld Toolkit is a Unity Editor extension made to make VRChat world creation more accessible and lower the entry-level to make a good performing world.”

It’s easy to miss details when making your first VRChat world. And even experienced world creators make common mistakes! VRWorldToolkit can help: Not only does it detect common mistakes, but it can help you reduce the size of your world, automatically set up post-processing, and more.

It’s a great tool for beginner and expert world creators alike. Make sure to visit 1’s Discord Server or their GitHub repository to report issues, or just to say hi.


By Jordo

“EasyQuestSwitch is a Unity editor tool developed for VRChat world creators, it can automate changes to components within a scene as soon as the build platform is changed from PC to Android (for Oculus Quest) or vice versa.”

If you’ve ever made cross-platform content, you may know how important it is to optimize your content for Quest! This may involve switching shaders, materials, meshes, and more. EasyQuestSwitch makes this process easier: It lets you define which changes to make for PC and Quest, and automatically applies them when you switch platforms in Unity. Convenient!

Visit the GitHub repository if you enjoy EasyQuestSwitch and have feedback to share.

Avatars 3.0 Manager

By VRLabs

“A tool for managing playable layers and parameters for Avatars 3.0.
This tool merges animator controllers to your avatar’s playable layer controllers and syncs to your avatar’s expression parameters.”

Want to use 20 animators on your avatar? Does your avatar have a laser sword, a pogo stick and a fidget spinner? Then you may want to use Avatars 3.0 Manager. It allows you to merge multiple animation controllers into one. It even preserves animator parameters, letting you merge multiple animators into a single playable FX layer.

Visit the GitHub repository to learn more, and head over to the VRLabs Discord if you find it useful!

More coming soon!

We’re not done adding curated community packages to the Creator Companion. Please let us know if there’s a package you’d like to see, and we’ll look into it!

Next week, we’ll be returning to our regular Developer Updates. See you soon! :turkey:


i usually use and would like to see

also shaders. i personaly like Silent’s and ACiL’s


The creators of these tools need to make VPM-compatible versions of their packages, first.

If we already have all these packages in our project, should we worry about anything getting bricked if we tell the creator companion to add these projects natively? Is there anything we should do beforehand?

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At the moment, VCC doesn’t seem to natively handle conflict resolution for curated packages (in the same way it can detect and upgrade old versions of U# and ClientSim/CyanEmu), so you should remove the original folders for those prefabs before adding the new VCC versions.

The pool table will likely end up being the same way once I get the VCC update out soon, especially because of U#1.0 bugs.

EDIT: This is only applicable to VCC projects with legacy non-VCC versions of those packages installed; migrating older non-VCC projects does seem to work as Momo stated below.

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We tested migration for these packages, and they should be detected in your existing projects and automatically swapped out for the new vpm versions.

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I would love to see Cyan Trigger being added ^^
Edit: Maybe also consider adding LTCGI

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