Summer Music Fest Jam Resources

Welcome to the Summer Music Festival Jam!

Want to join the jam but don’t know where to start? Consider these tools to guide you:

(Note: these are recommendations, not requirements! None of the tools below are required or necessary – they’re just a suggestion of what’s out there that you might not be aware of!)


Video/Media Players

  • ProTV
    • Ready-made video player solution for VRChat w/ Udon.
  • VideoTXL
    • Prefabs for video players and A/V support. Sync and local-only flavors of the video player are available, with multiple shared plugin components.

Worlds should have:

  • Publicly accessible URL input, not locked behind an allowlist
  • Photosensitivity/Accessibility Toggle

World Optimization Tools

World Shaders

Advanced Event World Resources

  • VR Stage Lighting by AcChosen
    • VR Stage Lighting is a collection of shaders, scripts, and models designed to emulate professional stage lighting into VRChat in as many ways as possible.
    • LTCGI is an optimized plug-and-play realtime area light solution using the linearly transformed cosine algorithm for standalone Unity and VRChat. Free to use with attribution.
  • Bakery (paid service)
    • assists with baked realtime lighting
    • MonoSH - a special lightmap mode in the SDK in Bakery where it (and supporting shaders) packs all the directionality into just one extra texture, instead of the three it usually needs


Here are some suggestions for goals you should aim for – but be advised, these are a rough estimate and not a hard limit. These are suggestions, not requirements.

  • Batches: 200~
  • Total Tri Count: < 350k
  • Size: < 100mb

Statistics are displayed in the top right of the Game window in Unity when you click “Stats”. World size can be found in the Build Report in the VRWorld Toolkit, which we highly recommend using.


  • AudioLink - only available for PC avatars, not mobile

Audiolink Compatible Shaders:

Avatar Optimization Tools


Remember! You’re aiming for a cross-platform Medium avatar!
This means:

  • Under 70,000 tris
  • Medium performance rank
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For the avatar, does the avatar just need to be crossplatform or is there a hard Mobile-Medium performance rank requirement as well? That would mean 15k max on Quest vs 70k tris as stated in this post. Or is submitting a Very poor Quest avatar okay?

hey one thing i need to know is there a banwave bc account being used by hacker and ripped avatars as well?