VRWorld Toolkit

VRWorld Toolkit

Unity Editor extension that adds helpful functions for making VRChat worlds and helps you notice possible problems faster. I’m working on adding more stuff constantly so any feedback is helpful for me to know what I should improve.

Main Features

World Debugger

Currently includes over 70 invidual messages of tips, warnings, errors and other miscellaneous info about your world to help you find possible problems faster. Not sure why you can’t load into your world without getting thrown back home? Not sure why your post processing isn’t shown ingame? World Debugger can detect multiple different causes for those problems.

Post Processing helpers

Do you want post processing in your world but haven’t set it up before or just tired of setting it up for the 50th time? This function will setup a simple starter Post Processing setup with a single button press.

Disable On Build

This was made to help you do trigger/udon based culling in worlds where you might want something enabled in Unity but want them to be disabled on world upload. Just enable the feature from the top menu and tag any GameObjects you might want to get disabled as DisableOnBuild.

Also includes other small stuff to help you with world creation and a small collection of useful links

Feel free to contact me about any problems on here or through any other channel:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sackboy_1
Discord: 1.#0001

Get the latest version from my Github


I really love this! Its been really useful so far. I thought my lights were baked, but they arent lol. I cant wait to see what else you’ll add!

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Thank you so much for this!

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Blessed tool :pray:

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