Community Update - 6 July 2020

Hello, and welcome back! We’ve been quiet for a bit, mostly because we’ve been really busy on a lot of various projects that aren’t quite ready yet. This week we have some new stuff to talk about!

Hiring Update

Are you interested in joining the VRChat Team? Well, good news-- we’ve got several open positions available!

For those who have already applied, we appreciate your patience! We’re slowly working through all of the submitted applications.

Visit our Careers page to learn more.

Udon Node Graph Update

Last week, we quietly released a Preview build of the updated Udon Node Graph! There’s a huge amount of changes in this update that makes creating Udon graphs even easier. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, check out the #announcements channel in our Discord for a link.

If you’d like to jump in feet-first, here’s a direct link to the preview SDK! Keep in mind that this is a preview release, so do not use this on your ‘production’ projects yet!!! Make a copy first. See the Discord announcement for more details.

@momothemonster put together a great video showing off all the improvements!

As part of the update, we’ve added or updated several VRChat Docs pages on the Node graph:

Avatars 3.0

The Avatars 3.0 Closed Beta has been progressing extremely well, and we’re seeing a ton of new and exciting things being built with it. One of our creators, @Entorix , built a very unique way to show that you’re AFK:

Basically, when Entorix takes their headset off and triggers their HMD’s proximity sensor (in Desktop mode, you hit the End key), an Animation Bool parameter says “User is now AFK”. You can use that animation parameter to “trigger” and play any kind of animation! In this case, Entorix has animated a shader that dissolves away his character when he’s AFK, and reforms his avatar when he returns. To be clear, this isn’t triggered via a gesture or anything-- it is simply automatic when you remove your headset! This is just one of many parameters available to you as an Avatar 3.0 creator. We’ll talk more about those parameters later.

This is just one of many ways that Avatars 3.0 lets you customize your avatar. We have seen a TON of amazing creations, and iterating with our Closed Beta testers has been very successful. Their feedback continues to be extremely valuable.

Of course, we want even MORE feedback… so we’re aiming to get Avatars 3.0 out to an Open Beta as soon as we can. Keep an eye out!