Cannys with low attraction

I noticed some cannys, espacially when they are a bit older getting over time lot of information together but seem not to appear on radar of the Team who is testing our Canny reports. I’m just now experiancing the same with this Canny. What would be an appropriate way to bring a canny to some attention?

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Thanks for pointing out the issues in your Canny post. We understand how frustrating it can be when your feedback isn’t getting the spotlight it deserves. We’re aware of the problems you’ve highlighted, but we’ve not been able to allocate people or time to working on the chatbox. It’s something on our radar, though, so I hope we can get to it soon.

You’ve got a sharp eye, and you’re right – the bug you mentioned seems to be one that everyone knows about, which might be why it’s flown under the radar. Plus, there’s a similar issue that’s been grabbing some attention, which you can check out here: chatboxes inside heads are unreadable.

I also noticed your post bundles a few different issues together:

  • Chatbox too high
  • Chatbox too low
  • Chatbox almost invisible at times

For us to tackle these bugs more effectively, it helps if each one is reported in its own Canny post. It makes tracking and squashing them a bit easier.

Hello Tupper,

thanks for explaining the situation. I noticed that you missunderstood parts of my Canny post. Let me explain.

That’s not the case. This is not about height positioning the chatbox to your head (the canny you linked). It’s about chatbox getting stuck in transparent when animation breaks. I assume the difference in transparency is because of it depends in which moment of the fadein/fadeout animation it stops. And there is an optional trigger to leave your chatbox in world space instead of following your head.

If i expressed myself that i wanted to push on a canny post for a chatbox bug then i’m sorry. That was not what i were trying to do. It’s about to get a sign from the team that they could reproduce it or accepting the bugreport with it’s informations. So i can stop to collect more and more informations.

Let me explain this a bit further. As by now my linked canny post has no status. It’s also the only canny post i could have found about this issue. So i assume nobody of the team has seen it or verified this bug so far.

I could take all the informations of this first canny and create a new canny. In most cases in about 1 day carry post getting marked as tracked or further questions getting asked if needed.
This behaviour would end in many douplicates and double work for both sides.

That’s where my questions came from.

What would be an appropriate way to bring a canny to some attention?

Or do i missunderstand the status of “Tracked” as to be something somebody has verified/accpeted as a bug?

Also would like to mention that the reaction time from the Team is fabulous. Everything awesome <3

Is it not? Am I reading your post wrong?

“Tracked” only means we’ve transferred it to internal tracking. It does not mean anything about verification or “acceptance” (I’m unsure what you would mean by “accepting” a bug).

You are right.

I need to remake this posting. To much chaos. The Chatbox above the head came from stuck chatboxes and when they scaled down.
I will rework that tomorrow.

This is for me an accpetance. It show that somebody looked into it and decided to investigate/research/… . Even if it only lays in your internal tracking afterwards. It made at least one step at this point. Not all Canny Posts do this.