Cannot link steam and vrchat accounts

Hi, I’ve been trying to link my accounts for a while and it seems like the ‘upgrade’ button is simply missing, is there any way to tell if I’ve already linked my account, and which email it would be associated with?

The upgrade button only appears when logged into the steam account and not the VRChat account.

You are checking while logged in on the steam account correct?

Yes I am logging in through steam.

You may have linked the account in that case. Steam only accounts on VRChat have a random string of letters and numbers after the name, if that isn’t present after your name then you have linked it with a VRChat account.

Yeah the UI is acting like I already linked it, but I still have the 4 digits after my name, and I definitely don’t remember linking it, I figure its just a UI bug that’s causing the upgrade button to disappear.