Cannot connect Oculus and VRC on laptop

I have an Oculus account that I log into VRC with in the headset. I have tried unsuccessfully for over a year to merge my accounts but there is no option in the headset to Upgrade Account to get the merge token. I do not want to lose all my data, avatars, worlds and status to start over. VRC has not been able to resolve. Any thoughts?

Just as a sanity check, does your in game user name have four characters stuck on the end? “CityGirl A1E4”?

No…should it? It’s weird because when I just logged on to this it showed my avatar…so somewhere it sees me but not linked on the laptop?

Okay! So when I responded on my phone it used my real account CityGirl_401 BUT does not connect to my account because I need the Merge Token. When I reply on laptop it went to the new account I created which has no profile pic?

If the account doesn’t have four characters on the end, that you have no control over, it’s already a real VRChat account.

A scenario (all made up names):

I have steam name set to ladiesman217, I log into VRChat, and chose steam authentication. In game my username will actually be something like “ladiesman217 3f1f”.

This account I can’t log into on the website, VRChat doesn’t have an email or password, it associates the account to my steam account.

Since this isn’t a full account I can merge it with a proper VRChat account.

But back to you, I suspect you have two proper VRChat accounts. Full fat? Not sure on best term.

Being able to log in as CityGirl_404 on the phone is a good sign. I think you should try to log in to that account from the PC.

Your web browser has an option for private/incognito window, so you can try to log in as the other account without logging out on the main windows.

It might be that you created a VRChat account with the same email and password as your Meta account?