Blurry water shaders on amd graphics card

hey guys ive been having this issue for a long time and i could never find a fix for it it seems like it only happens with me and not with other people i wanted to know if this is an issue with the shader with an AMD GPU since people who have nvidia dont face this issue would be very helpful to know if there is a fix for it

so no one knows how to fix this?

Looks nice and efficient. What sort of GPU and drivers? Latest as in willing to trust Windows Update?

I think you should pick a world that has this issue and maybe solicit other other people with ayymd to try on their cards

I guess my main critique is that it’s blocky, or pixelated, it’s more of a lack of blur rather than presence of blur.

its radeon vii happens on every driver does not matter which one it usually happens in every water shader on vrchat

Been playing VRC with a Radeon Vii since it came out only to swap it to the RTX 3080 end of last year.

What’s the name of that world btw? looks familiar.
I can help swap into my old card and try to see if I have the same exact issue.