About Flashing Images

Hello! I always enjoy playing VRChat.

Regarding video assets such as Iwasync, Topazchat, VRCDN, etc., the screen flashes when the FPS of VRC is not stable due to avatars, worlds, etc.

In Desktop mode, lowering the FPS in the settings may stabilize the situation, but the FPS will be lowered and you will not be able to play comfortably.
Also, in VR mode, the FPS setting item is not displayed, so the problem cannot be avoided.
It is not related to the HMD settings, etc., as it depends solely on the FPS of the VRC, regardless of the HMD being used.

It depends on the PC specs, but many VRChat players have confirmed this issue.
I have been encountering this blink for more than half a year, but I thought that maybe the VRChat officials have not confirmed the problem, and that is why I posted this.
I hope you can help us understand the current situation and solve the problem as soon as possible.

※Translated with DeepL.com