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Hi! I’ve seen this answered once or twice, maybe a couple years ago, and saw that those answers no longer worked. My hopes are set VERY low for this, but I was wondering if there was a way to get a model that I UPLOADED redownloaded to my pc.

Last year, I commissioned someone to make a model edit. I was able to download the model and upload it to my acct no problem. Problem comes in now, a year later, when I now need the files to the model. I realize, when I was transferring my data from the old computer I was using (my roommates old computer he was letting me use, that’s now since been wiped), I forgot to get the files for my model. Now almost a year later, I come to find out that I don’t have the files. I contacted the person I commissioned the model from, and no luck- their hard drive broke, and had removed it from google drive for what I assume is probably space reasons. I looked up alternative ways to download the files, but again, to no luck. Finally, I tried sending in a support ticket to VRC, only to be told what wasn’t something they were able to do.

So, am I totally sunk? Does anyone know of ANY possible way to get that file? I was hoping to use it for streaming and other stuff, and I’m a little bummed out that I no longer have access to something I paid for. It was a simple mistake on my part, and I KNOW I messed up on that front so I don’t need to be reminded- I’m just hoping that there’s some way that this can be resolved.