Help uploading avatar

this is gonna end up being the easiest fix in the world probably but ive been at this for an hour and a half so far and am losing my mind, basically my avatar failed to upload and said
"[Always] Attempted to load the data for an avatar we do not own, clearing blueprint ID"
i looked it up and i saw a few people say the recent SDK forces that error to always show regardless as to wether or not thats actually the problem, its just gonna show if theres an error, they said to just focus on the first error if all fixes for the ID thing dont work
so after trouble shooting that and getting no were i ignored it and moved on to the other error
"No AssetBundle has been set for this build."
"[Always] AssetBundle was not built"

ive been trying to fix THIS error for well over an hour and need some help, if you want my console ill send it happily i just wanna use the avatar i bought lol


What else ya got? The stack traces (images 2 and 3) aren’t useful and can be ignored.

The errors you’ve shown are the SDK saying something is broken and didn’t work. Now you gotta find the error for why.

late response on my end but i found the issue, my stupid ass did not have VRCfury installed