Auto-censoring is behaving badly

I am aware that bad words aren’t allowed to be on bio, status, and so on in VRChat. But there are things that don’t make sense at all.

I wanted to create a description for my latest published worlds, but the auto-censoring screws it all up when I put ‘Madoka’ in it.

What VRChat is telling me is, I’m not allowed to write ‘Do not watch Madoka’ or ‘I regret watching Madoka’ on anything because it thinks there are bad words, so it screws it up, and the word ‘watch’ gets replaced with ‘witch’.

I thought this is a weird bug where certain words will screw up everything, maybe it wasn’t the auto-censoring this whole time. Aside from that, I don’t know how this is happening.

Huh! That’s an interesting one, but also kinda funny. Like when your phone auto-corrects things for you in a text. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the auto-censor is messing up your descriptions, maybe you could try changing the phrasing of your description?

Like, “I regret viewing Madoka.” or “Madoka: After watching it, I regret it.” :person_shrugging:


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I guess one positive thing is that they haven’t implemented the silly filter on the forums.

Specialist scunthorpe, I find the second one most amusing because I might think of VRChat as a bunch of can’ts, in that there are a lot of things they can not or will not do, but with the filter in mind people will suspect it’s a word that rhymes with can’t.

Converting watching to witching sounds backwards, usually people are scared about the witches.