VRChat Chatbox/Keyboard Bugged

There seems to be a bug with VRChat where when opening and using the keyboard, there is a chance that as you type the first letter gets displaced after the second one. So when quickly typing “hello” it will show up as “ehllo”
This is not a typing issue, it is a legitimate bug that I have encountered every single time I am on VRChat, it occurs about 50% of tbe time whenever I open the chat box and type.

Another bug I have encountered with the chatbox keyboard is that sometimes when you open it, it also opens and invisible action menu. The keyboard stops working, and as you click youll be clicking buttons in an invisible action menu, I would click a lower key and it would respawn me for example, or I try to click another key and it opens up my avatar list but it only displays a preview of the avatar rotating, but nothing else of the UI.

Very odd bugs.

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I have this exact same bug, its been driving me insane

If you happen to find it on Canny, please link it here. I do know it’s been posted there.

Oh two bugs. I haven’t experienced the second bug yet, maybe I’ve experienced the first. Need to practice typing faster in VR